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#sundaystitching : #robertscollection dress done ! I followed @fabrictragic ‘s suggestion and went with big metal eyelets 🙂 But I loved all of your ideas ... this one just worked better with those straps and fabric so this looks more like a work apron dress and not a child’s garment methinks 🤔 (that is work not business 😂) I’m really happy with it! 
#sewinproject #lovesewing #aprondress #cucitosartoriale #pink #diy #memade


  1. soapstealer

    That looks great, Sasha!💝 What did you use for side closures?:)

  2. fabrictragic

    Oh yeah! Looks awesome! 👍

  3. dankonsk



    Love 😍

  5. lindaamerigo


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