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I love working and the opportunity to work in environments that I’m passionate about. My husband @remylin86 is on the team/working to set up Freedom Fest here with @calvaryabq and @christianmusic @tenthavenorth @skipheitzig @triplee116 which means that I was able to come down with him this morning and explore around. First of all, crew work is exhilarating to me. Joining the film industry has changed my life and now I find that I’m addicted to the adrenaline and joy from working these jobs. Also, I haven’t been to the @abqtopes in a long time. Being here on the field, serving the Lord and getting my hands dirty and working? What a good morning! God is so good. /Especially/ in the times of hardship. 🖤 #creatureslaugh  #mamacreature  #abqtopes  #igersabq  #calvaryabq  #workingmama