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Stone walls meander up hills and down into oceans; horned sheep run as you cycle past, bullet fast (or so it felt); old farmers spit untranslatable words in dark wood bars; baths include seaweed and salt (and scallops, the roe!); you’ll learn more about a place going at it slow - or not cause your ass is so sore you can’t think about pausing to take it all in while riding through the sunrise on Old Bog road. Was it really haunted or was that just folklore? Either way, it’s still all grand (as the Irish would say) because you’re cycling down the #wildatlanticway  . 210km. 4 days. . . . . . . . #ireland  #nature  #cycle  #girladventurin  #dreambravely  @westirelandcycling


  1. interstanding

    Such a sexy Bike model