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Do you buy dolls when you travel? I surely do. ☺️ I remember buying this Amanita at Toys R Us in Times Square. Good old times. 💜💛💜 This is Amanita Nightshade from @monsterhigh.

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  1. monsterhighbarbiegirl


  2. cristinaelizadolls

    I buy books when I travel, dolls take up too much room in the suitcase 😂

  3. janeycakesworld

    Any OpShop wherever we are visiting!!

  4. janeycakesworld

    Pretty much !!! 😬😬😬😆

  5. danells_dolls

    Yes, I buy dolls and doll stuff when I travel. Also, when I don't. Pretty much buy it all the time. 😁💖

  6. aquabluerose

    She is Lovely! Love how you posed her. XXOO♥️🌹♥️🌹

  7. cutieerica

    Love this shot

  8. punkiedonna

    She deceives her victims with this 😇pose! Come hither...I'm sweet...oh, yesssss and DEADLY😱😱😱💜💜💜👌

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