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Some pancakes for your Saturday 🙌 📷 credit @sair_bryant

Some pancakes for your Saturday 🙌 📷 credit @sair_bryant


  1. your_first_wealth_is_health

    just stumbled upon this while searching, nice post

  2. biteswithbalance

    Saturday breakfast goals 😍😍😍

  3. kelseyanlewis

    Looks amazing!! 😍

  4. pizzagang_movement

    good stuff 🍕

  5. legit_soda


  6. puredelicious_

    Looks amazing!

  7. fono_polua_samoanvegan

    Hell yeah!! Smother those pancakes with PB and some banana. I'm done. Great meal you have

  8. lara_hamilton

    I need someone to cook this for me for tomorrows breakkie @jamieemciver @clauds_white

  9. emsswanston

    Yes please 😍

  10. aromafoodblog

    Beautiful!! I would love for you to follow me so we can connect!!☺️

  11. libs.eats

    Yum pancakes and peanut butter sounds like a treat 😋

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