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First taste of Moroccan cuisine, from soup not featured to desserts. Lentils which I loved, couscous, fish, chicken, beef, rice, beets, carrots, egg plant. I don’t feel over stuffed either #sistahonthemove #morocco#travel #travelgram #travelling #blackgirlstraveltoo #rabat #gltlove #sts


  1. chocolatframboise111

    Ah so jealous! Morocco is one of my favourite trips ever!

  2. senyah68

    Damn girl, STOP 🛑 with the mouth watering food😋

  3. liz_jones6

    Yum yum yum!!

  4. capygirl62

    Lots of turmeric, we did Moroccan tonight too

  5. locolois

    Looks delicious!