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The charm of ordering an M16 chicken sandwich for lunch quickly fades after a few hour drive when you are in a place where 58 innocent people were killed by an assault rifle. You can order these tasty gun themed sandwiches at @chevron in #applevalleyutah  @nationalrifleassociation check out the kids menu. #thisisamerica  #gunreformnow  #enoughisenough  #m16  #nra  #ar15  #guncontrol  #chevron  #gunsofinstagram  #assultrifle  @realdonaldtrump #banassaultweapons  @glockinc @smithwessoncorp


  1. gidgettammy

    WTF run away

  2. ranchodelsapo

    Ooooph! 👎🏼

  3. worldcupp


  4. johnalbertseed

    Hey, you’re in Utah too!

  5. brookperdigontextiles

    we got some serious problems in this country

  6. ondysweetman

    WTF #ThisisAmerica  and it’s become insane.

  7. patchz3

    Goin Amish tonite

  8. jmskrn

    There ought to be a morning after burger on that menu

  9. soyomega

    But how was the sandwich?

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