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I make PawPaw chase me around with the brushhandthingy. If he wants to brush me, he has to work for it #nothinginlifecomeseasy  #💩 🙊😹😹😹


  1. koko_n_kiki

    We do the same 😹🐾

  2. deelynne1970

    Lol!! We just got the same glove and HuMom and GrandPaw just chase us around too!!😹😹#JustSayNoToGrooming  😹😹😽😽❤️❤️🙈🙈

  3. bobbyandsadie

    That is what Sadie does when being petted 😻😹

  4. tac119_zoo.crew

    Too funny😆we have one of those too and it’s the same chasy thing going on with u guys