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  1. poochpatrol226

    This is so adorable 😘

  2. otis_appert

    OMG, the only thing better than one Puggle is two! ♥️🐶♥️

  3. puggleroger


  4. blu_mi63

    💕💕💕🐾so cute

  5. lennonandbutch

    ..that’s the right position❤️❤️

  6. thechuggies

    Awwww 💕 I wonder if this is a pug thing? I’m always so happy I have two sisters when the chugs snuggle like this

  7. maxandlucypuggle

    That's love! 😍😍🍹

  8. llunetalabeagle_sbd

    You two are so lovely!!

  9. sweetpea.and.bella

    😊❤ That's so sweet

  10. bella_chimchim

    Awwww ❤️

  11. blackwellstudiosla

    Oh. My. Goodness. So cute.

  12. lulu_n_lucy_ivy

    Aw such a beautiful pic!🐶💋🐾💙💓

  13. roscoeandpippa

    This is too cute! ❤️❤️❤️

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