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Shark tooth video! 🦈 It's hard to capture the full glory of this piece - created by my other half, this shark tooth fossil is adorned with delicate Angel Aura clusters, Peridot, a purple Fluorite pyramid, and a super flashy Labradorite 💚🌌🦈 I haven't added a chain yet, I can't decide if it should be short or long! What do you think?? . If you'd like to claim this ocean fantasy talisman as your own, just send me a message! . . . . . . . . . . #sharktooth  #shark  #fossil  #collector  #angelaura  #angelauraquartz  #quartzcluster  #witch  #oceanlife  #mermaid  #treasure  #peridot  #labradorite  #flashy  #crystalsofig  #crystalshop  #gemstone  #rockhound 


  1. xocharmed

    I love this design! So unique and creative

  2. rockyrainbows_

    Omg this is so mesmerizing 🤩

  3. rockyrainbows_

    And long chain 💜

  4. jessica.ashley.designs

    Wow what an amazing piece!! 😍😱💙

  5. micahsgems

    Wow this one is incredible!

  6. ringsspeech

    The pic feels so lovely...

  7. enchantedgemporium

    Wow what a creative piece!

  8. spineofasnake

    Oooh this is so gorgeous 😍😍😍

  9. beautiful_earth_gems

    I love it so unique 💜

  10. quantum.moon

    I love every little bit hehe

  11. shadowlighthaven

    This is such a beautiful piece!

  12. adrianasotojewelry

    Very cool! Looks like an ancient treasure ✨I would prefer it medium length 😍

  13. lunafloradesigns

    That is so beautiful!!!

  14. dopedaydreamer

    This is so awesome I've never seen anything like it

  15. monicalaux69

    I would say a shorter one so it hangs at the throat. That would make it look like a piece of armor for the throat chakra.😍💕👏

  16. lunafloradesigns

    Love the colors!

  17. mel_onthemoon

    This is insanely gorgeous and hypnotic, I could stare at it all day😍😍

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