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Do @lamer’s airport fish enjoy a good life? ... Have seen them over the years in a variety of different airports, circling round and round the same dud coral around the same creams and lotions and potions. I wonder what beauty secrets they’ve learned by now? I wonder if their distinct displacement is a metaphor for layovers? I wonder too if LaMer is trying to get involved, make a statement about the fisheries and policies game? I wonder a lot about those fish... And I wonder who will be the first person to crack and steal them one by one from their LaMer coops around the world and bring them back to home base just like those Japanese school girls did one summer night stealing goldfish from the fair and dumping them en masse into the local pool... . That was a true story. So are these airport fish. #lamerlament  . . . . . #airportreflections  #aquarium  #layover  #dubai  @dubaiairports