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Ever heard how strong people are harder to kill? This is a good example. The guy laying on the hood is Tom Kane after the driver of that van pulled in front of his motorcycle. Thankfully Tom walked away with only some cuts and bruises. He had plenty of luck in surviving this, but no doubt that having a 672 lb squat helped him come away nearly unscathed. #strengthtraining  #evanston  #luck  #motorcycle  #kratos  #chicago  #fitness  #squat 


  1. kellymthompson14

    Yikes!!! Glad he's ok!

  2. machobeagle

    Woah. Glad he is okay!

  3. solid_strength74

    This is true in 2007 I was hit by a truck going 50-60mph I was just shy of 23years old and had been squatting over 800 regularly since I was 19 single ply but still the trauma doctor was surprised I hadn't been hurt worst then I was

  4. crookcountygenetics

    Damn get better Tom!

  5. fivex3

    Dammmmmnnnn. Keep squatting, Tom!!!!