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Here are the final movies we picked for our #abcsofhorror  challenge! Just swipe ⬅️ left πŸ‘» Over HALF of these were amazing and are new favorites for us, and that’s all thanks to you guys for helping us pick such great films!!!! πŸ–€ πŸŽƒ A is for #AsAboveSoBelow  πŸŽƒ B is for #TheBreed  πŸŽƒ C is for #Candyman  πŸŽƒ D is for #TheDen  πŸŽƒ E is for #TheEvilDead  πŸŽƒ F is for #FunnyGames  πŸŽƒ G is for #GreenRoom  πŸŽƒ H is for #Hannibal  πŸŽƒ I is for #IDontFeelAtHomeInThisWorldAnymore  πŸŽƒ J is for #JuOn  πŸŽƒ K is for #Kalifornia  πŸŽƒ L is for #TheLovedOnes  πŸŽƒ M is for #Misery  πŸŽƒ N is for #TheNightmare  πŸŽƒ O is for #Oculus  πŸŽƒ P is for #Pulse  πŸŽƒ Q is for #AQuietPlace  πŸŽƒ R is for #Revenge  πŸŽƒ S is for #SleepawayCamp  πŸŽƒ T is for #TheTownThatDreadedSundown  πŸŽƒ U is for #TheUnborn  πŸŽƒ V is for #Veronica  πŸŽƒ W is for #WouldYouRather  πŸŽƒ X is for #XX  πŸŽƒ Y is for #YogaHosers  πŸŽƒ Z is for #Zodiac  πŸ’€ Thank again to all those who played!! We discovered so many great new #horror  movies, and for the ones we didn’t get to yetβ€”we’ve got a great list that’ll last us for years!!! 😱 We’re expecting a box in the mail within the next few days that contains our prizes, and we plan on picking our winners at random, so some of you plan on getting a DM from us soon! πŸ˜‰ πŸ–€ Thank you guys so much againβ€”we loved interacting with all of you and meeting so many amazing horror fans! Couldn’t think of a better way to have spent the month of May. 😊 Love you guys! Have a spooktacular weekend!


  1. jalissaghoul

    I have to know what you both thought of Evil Dead and Sleepaway Camp! Those two are some of my favorite movies!

  2. hankhilledge

    So much fun!!! You guys rock! 😎🀘

  3. dunnhookin

    So much fun! I've still got to watch W (Winchester) and Y (no idea, haha) but then I'll be done and make a big post will all of my last few.

  4. scarletjupiter

    I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore was so good

  5. vampirecoffeehouse

    Was in an elevator with the Candyman once and he was very nice, but it totally freaked me out.

  6. draculasmistress95

    Great choices πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€πŸŠ

  7. streaminghorror

    I love all the sleepaway camp movies!!!! And I'm obsessed with the loved ones.

  8. double_j_horror

    Thanks for a great challenge 😊

  9. thewolfman1979

    Awesome list! πŸ‘

  10. bexjackalope

    LOVED LOVED LOVED I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore... so great!!!

  11. zrii_no1

    As above so below. The best scary film out there by far. You have to get the opinion from people who hate scary movies, for the simple fact that there just not scary enough. But ABSB is extremely well done. They need to do it again , number two., and make it better then the first one

  12. yozh.july


  13. christachristy

    You picked some fantastic ones!!!!

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