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Henrietta Lacks by Kadir Nelson - a long-overdue nod of recognition to one important lady. And that background!! ❤️ #ladiesofmedicine #bluet #kadirnelson #henriettalacks #immortalcells


  1. cloudtripper

    Wow amazing background

  2. prancingpinehealingarts

    Ooo what's her dilly?

  3. ericamortonmagill

    @prancingpinehealingarts HL was an African American woman who in 1951 developed cervical cancer. She went to the only hospital in the area that at the time treated black patients - and unbeknownst to her or her family (and without consent) her tumor cells were extracted and later turned into the HeLa cell line - her cells reproduce indefinitely! She herself was buried in an unmarked grave in Virginia, but her cells and her contribution to medicine are immortalized ❤️