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Working on the Oz Club Instagram account today so am double-dipping.  This rubbery set of six Jigglers came in a variety of color and packaging variations, and were made to promote the 1967 Off to See the Wizard animated series that only lasted one season. #jigglers #oilyjigglers #offtoseethewizard #chuckjones #animation #cartoons #classictv #vintagetoys #vintagecollectibles #tvcollectibles


  1. magicalshowercurtains

    oh my goodness, so cute

  2. liveradstudios


  3. jonny_question


  4. jeffreylarkey

    These are so neat.Your collection is mind blowing.You have great

  5. bigluciouz

    Did you ever go to the Land of Oz theme park in NC?!?

  6. coffeestitcher

    They made them in several colors, didn’t they?

  7. toytonytx

    Awesome stuff

  8. jptattooartist

    Looking good!!!