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This is my 1,000th post so it had to be special. My Funko Hall of Fame plaque Wobbler. That year was the black glitter suit variant. Glitter. Did they have my number or what?! #funko #funkofamily #funkofunatics #funkohalloffame #halloffame #hof #freddyfunko #funkowackywobbler #wackywobbler #glitter #toycollecting #collectibles #toys #hoardingisunderrated


  1. alexo1912

    I honestly wish they would have kept the wobblers as hof trophies. I understand that times have changed.

  2. bigluciouz


  3. mactds

    Awesome 😎

  4. the_pop_lady


  5. the_pop_lady

    You FANCY 😉

  6. kitzka

    All he needs is some glittery shoes too

  7. meltonn21

    You are the coolest nerd I know. ♡♡♡

  8. poppa_scotty

    Saw you in "Making Fun". Quite the dapper gent. Very fetching screen presence. 👏👏👏

  9. ross2point0

    So awesome!!!! Love a classic freddy suit!!

  10. hugbughater

    Looking good!

  11. toytonytx

    Love those plaques!

  12. thejosh2010

    Very awesome!! 🙌🏻 Funko Royalty

  13. denziljaka


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