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Excited to announce I will be taking a new step in my #nursing career! I am moving to Edmonton to work in the #Paediatric #Cardiac ICU at the #stollery Children’s #hospital this August! I’m so excited to embark on this new #adventure! #stollerychildrenshospital #pcicu #peads #nurse


  1. natroxy1

    We will be sad to see you leave but I know you e wanted this for a while

  2. miss_happy_hippy

    Congrats !!!!!!

  3. meganferuglio

    WOW congrats 😊

  4. therealdonda

    Calgary won’t be the same without you. Best of luck on your new adventure!!

  5. brea.rn

    A friend of my BF owes his child's life to the amazing cardiac nurses at Stollery! You are going to shine so bright there 💗

  6. andreahelen403

    This really makes my life goal of becoming your BFF incredibly harder 🙄 congrats and good luck!! 😘