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It's officially summer vacation! Here's to hoping my students have a playful and fun filled summer! #summervacation  #schoolsoutforsummer  On a side note, this is a review game idea I borrowed from @elementaryshenanigans and is based on Hungry Hungry Hippos. All it takes are some baskets from @dollartree, Antsy Pants play balls from @target, and scooters from the PE Department. It's engaging, hysterical, and the kids loved it! #middleschool  #iteach  #socialstudies  #socialstudiesteacher  #middleschoolhistory  #historyclass  #setthestagetoengage 


  1. deletedaccouqt

    Haha Have a great Summer Mrs.Hutcherson ur were one of the best teachers! And question do i get my silly string back...?

  2. hutchshistory

    Thanks! You'll have to ask the office about your silly string. Have a great summer!!

  3. melsiefaye

    This is great!!