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(Requested by anon) Lol, I was flirting with my crush the whole last day of school
Backup: @zodiacshizzz 
I don’t take requests in the comments or in my DMs, only in my Sarahah
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  1. erwcas

    I am sag :')))))))

  2. winniebosecker

    I'm a savage in this😂😂😂

  3. baran_ltf_

    Basically 😂

  4. shubhdeep_gill_is_weird

    Taurus my sis. Absolutely. She thinks she's a fucking genius and I'm a dumbass

  5. _everylieisfake_

    @zodiacshizz you lucky bastard!!!!

  6. mashuuuuwu

    can you do a pisces scorpio ?

  7. hadiaelham

    @yagh.yadav she’s not stupid, you are 😂

  8. sisni3

    I'm 5'5 ok

  9. night_owl_24.7_

    Can you also do a Leo and Aquarius dating long distance? And maybe even normal dating

  10. shitpostbaes

    As a Sag I do not disagree 😂

  11. night_owl_24.7_

    Can you please make a Leo and Aquarius crushing on each other post?

  12. ultsami

    Please do Capricorn venus and Leo venus (If you can)

  13. yagh.yadav

    @hadiaelham ask VP😂😂

  14. safiya_ansariii

    @__sadaf_shaikh__ @sayed.nikhat 😂😂😂

  15. hadiaelham

    @yagh.yadav how tall are you?

  16. aneesingh93

    @sarishalekhi_15 😂😂bas kr ideat

  17. caramel1405

    @shakira_xoxo_collits ya I know. Just wanted to see how tall you are... bc you know.😂

  18. shakira_xoxo_collits

    @caramel1405 dunno, ps I’m aqurious

  19. djurickovic_l

    Made another one please😂💯

  20. djurickovic_l

    Ghahahaha i can't😂😂😂

  21. xdogsareawesome

    Please more<3

  22. caramel1405

    @shakira_xoxo_collits how tall are YOU?

  23. i_m_snl

    @piper.7 @sharmanidhi37 mam wants to see us fighting 🤢

  24. sarishalekhi_15

    @jagpreet_456 @hihiwhywhy2054 @aneesingh93 I feel proud to be a sag

  25. adoringlyavery


  26. ishani.gutta

    BAHAHAHA I’m a Taurus and this sound like me

  27. ivy_0250

    I would probably turn to this one Scorpio. Think he's 5'3" though

  28. st3phxnie3


  29. lxni.mlr

    @ju.joha 😂❤

  30. zodiacshizz

    @_everylieisfake_ 😂 I could relate, but in this situation, my crush was actually the one that spoke to me first.

  31. piper.7

    Someone PLEASE request Aquarius and Scorpio fighting for Taurus, or Scorpio dating Taurus

  32. _everylieisfake_

    I don't get people who actually talks with their crush? I just do those awkward glances every 5 seconds and hopes he get it... Wow... Im gonna be single forever...

  33. da_euphonium


  34. da_euphonium


  35. brukiemonster

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAA IM OFFENDED (not really) BUT IM LAUGHING TOO HARD (I love to roast myself)

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