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(Requested by anon) Lol, I was flirting with my crush the whole last day of school
Backup: @zodiacshizzz 
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  1. hadiaelham

    @yagh.yadav how tall are you?

  2. safiya_ansariii

    @__sadaf_shaikh__ @sayed.nikhat 😂😂😂

  3. ultsami

    Please do Capricorn venus and Leo venus (If you can)

  4. night_owl_24.7_

    Can you please make a Leo and Aquarius crushing on each other post?

  5. night_owl_24.7_

    Can you also do a Leo and Aquarius dating long distance? And maybe even normal dating

  6. sisni3

    I'm 5'5 ok

  7. mashuuuuwu

    can you do a pisces scorpio ?

  8. shubhdeep_gill_is_weird

    Taurus my sis. Absolutely. She thinks she's a fucking genius and I'm a dumbass

  9. baran_ltf_

    Basically 😂

  10. winniebosecker

    I'm a savage in this😂😂😂

  11. erwcas

    I am sag :')))))))

  12. julienned_fries

    @jeslina.j 😘😂

  13. annawanaa

    It's so fucking funny cause my friend group consists of a Sagittarius and an Aquarius 😂

  14. alwaysxdanni

    i am offended 😂

  15. nishu.16

    @varunkumar_vk @himanshi.jain 😂

  16. himanshi.jain


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