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Sloppy BBQ jackfruit sliders from @wickedhealthy Cookbook. I may have bought the overly ripe Jackfruit, but turns out it didn’t matter. Skinned and shredded, I had more than enough to use!!! (And I’m making jackfruit margaritas with orange seed pods...of course I am) I went all in on their recipe, made the BBQ sauce, Chipotle in adobo sauce oh yes!, then I made their sriracha mayo, from aquafaba(chickpea water!) and oil etc, continued with cilantro lime, slaw. The boiled and shredded jackfruit browns just like shredded chicken/pulled pork. Assemble and get messy!!! Out of this world flavors!! Was a labor intensive meal which you could easily do much quicker...canned jackfruit, bottled sauce, bought mayo, but I am so glad I went all in and learned a lot of new things, and as always make do with what you have!!!! Love the new cookbook check it out!! #veganfood  #veganglutenfree  #vegansofinstagram  #vegancook 


  1. veganstopco

    Such a great capture, this looks amazing😍. I'm so going to make this. Thanks for posting pictures like these💚💚💚

  2. susancara58

    Absolutely, I’m hoping people will see that anyone can cook vegan (and gfree) I want people to be inspired that if she can do it I can too, for their own health, and for the animals!! Thanks for the comment💚🌿

  3. susanmuro

    looks amazing !