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  1. _iamkingreese

    If my next ole lady not as happy as @wendyholleywood when I do a burn out I don’t need her

  2. bud_chevyboy

    You put on for the culture that day lol ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  3. im_smooth_operator_

    Man I swear. You be done purge out a whole bottle 😂😂

  4. barberbychoice

    @1_donkmaster have any of the other donks been invite to sema cause u just dont up and go to sema.....

  5. thatloud1238


  6. gdawg803

    Gave me whiplash 😂😂😂

  7. game_recognize_game_


  8. _iamkingreese

    Look my dawg @wendyholleywood

  9. geeccheyboi

    The best that Ever did it

  10. q_muthafuka

    💯Spent them 8's💪 with folk in da car💯NICE💯!

  11. edgarillo214

    @groundnpound_eden your hummer in front

  12. calebgoeshamm

    @groundnpound_eden I see you hittin those switches 😎🤘🏻

  13. pohkets

    Lmao that weak asss burnout 💀😂

  14. flatlineautospa

    @groundnpound_eden I see you 👀

  15. anthony_auwy


  16. muswangboy2000

    That's it? Shoulda swung that shit

  17. iamdexter2.0

    @snoopdogg look at this man💯💪💨

  18. big_beard_bronson


  19. chaka_khan_co

    Fucking hard.

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