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What’s your favourite sea animal, our sea life pack includes lots of whales and other fishy friends, I don’t think you can go past the cheeky dolphins. Loving this gorgeous series of pics from @christine_moffat she purchased these cards from our lovely stockist @kiddandco_ #twolittleducklings #sealife #whales #allthewhales #fishyfriends #lifeunderthesea #illustration #australiandesign


  1. acornkids

    Yes dolphins for sure 🐬

  2. kapowkids

    What’s beautiful pic.

  3. millesimebaby

    Whales are totally mesmerizing for me! 🐳

  4. elliewhittakerstudio

    Oh man - my daughter had to do a speech on Orcas this week - my drawing for her was TERRRRIBLE 🤣 But did you know they’re a member of the dolphin family?!?! Crazy! 🐬

  5. kiddandco_

    Such a gorgeous photo @christine_moffat 😍 thanks for the tag @twolittleducklings much love 💖

  6. ravenandrose

    ✨ so good ✨

  7. le_petit_bouton

    They are all gorgeous.. such a great pack! We love all of your flash cards