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Empire @empirefox Season Finale - 4x18 The Empire Unpossess'd - tonight at 8PM on FOX @foxtv ——- Empire is an American musical drama television series created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong which debuted on January 7, 2015 on Fox. ——- Synopsis 🎬: The show centers around a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders' family as they fight for control of the company. After the explosive season 3 finale, Lucious has lost his memory and his family is trying to help him regain it, with the uncomfortable assistance from Nurse Claudia. The storyline also includes the war between the Lyons and the Dubois with Warren falling in love with Jamal, Andre receiving prescriptions from his psychiatrist and Hakeem meeting with Diana on a three week basis until disaster strikes. ——- Cast 🎭: Terrence Howard @theterrencehoward as Lucious Lyon, Taraji P. Henson @tarajiphenson as Cookie Lyon, Bryshere Y. Gray @yazzthegreatest as Hakeem Lyon, Jussie Smollett @jussiesmollett as Jamal Lyon, Trai Byers @traibyers as Andre Lyon, Grace Byers @ladygracebyers as Anika Calhoun, Gabourey Sidibe @gabby3shabby as Becky Williams, Ta'Rhonda Jones @tarhondajay as Porsha Taylor, Serayah @serayah as Tiana Brown, Xzibit @xzibit as Shine Johsnon, Rumer Willis @rumerwillis as Tory Ash, Terrell Carter @terrellmusic as Warren Hall and Andre Royo as Thirsty Rawlings. ——- Episode 🤔: As the Empire ownership bid presentation nears, Lucious must make a difficult decision to save the future of the company and his family, while Eddie shows no signs of backing down. However, Cookie reveals a potential upper hand in the power play for Empire, after doing a little digging into her past. Meanwhile, Andre makes a power play of his own. ——- Comment here 👇🏼 who is your favorite character, what you expect for this finale and after seen it what did you think about it ——- #empire  #empireonfox  #empirefox  #terrencehoward  #luciouslyon  #tarajiphenson  #cookielyon  #hakeemlyon  #jamallyon  #andrelyon  #seasonfinale  #foxtv  #tvguide  #tictalktv 


  1. empire_post

    Favorite character: Tiana

  2. empire_post

    I expect death's and allot of fighting.

  3. warrenmckamey

    Keep posting great content!!!

  4. daisyvargas5


  5. taneshadedge

    I actually love the entire cast including the ones that were killed or died off the show. Creative writers know how to write the characters that were killed off or died off back into the script to make the episodes more interesting. How they do it? Will they actually do it? I don't know. Seeing Rhonda appear in the season 4 finale was brilliant. The editing was amazing. The entire production team did a fantastic job. I look forward to season 5 because I really love the show and the drama and ups and downs love stories that comes with it. Oversimplified images (stereotypes) = yes, I agree. But at the same time it's fun on set and not to apply the characters they play on set to who the cast are in real life. Lucious proposing to Cookie in the season finale to Kelvin Hayden proposing to Taraji P. Henson in real life. I don't compare the two lives because Taraji's real life storyline is far from Cookie's storyline. Taraji lost her child's father in real life when he was 9 years old (i believe). On the show Lucious (the father of her 3 boys) is still alive. In real life, if Kelvin Hayden did anything crazy and stupid for people to plot his death then of course he's gonna die because Taraji (being the only child)is surrounded by people that cares for her and want her to be happy (in the name of authentic love, none of that counterfeit bullshit called love). That's why I say to never compare the person you were with to the person you are in a relationship with because they are two different experiences. In other news, I look forward to Season 5.

  6. taneshadedge

    All love.

  7. wanda_moore_gooch

    I love it All

  8. mzdezjonez

    Okay, so am I the ONLY one thinking, I know they didn't kill Anika?????

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