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🌟MUST WATCH FOR ENTREPRENEURS ‼️ It doesn't matter how much of a star you are or how wonderful your products are there will always be those people in life who aren't happy either with the service you provided or the product they purchased. Its fact. You're in business and not everyone is gonna love what you do. That you can deal with, or you should be able to, but when they leave negative reviews that have an impact on you online, that is a different matter altogether. Your confidence level takes a hit and it can, if you don't deal with properly, seriously harm your reputation. So, the big question is how do you deal with it? How do you stop negative reviews becoming a big problem? Join me on this week’s Creative Business TV episode to find out more and remember to see the full episode you need to click the YouTube link in my bio. . . . . . . #launchyourbusiness  #businesscourse  #businesscoaches  #mycreativebiz  #creativepreneurship  #creativepreneurs  #creativeentrepreneurs  #creativeenthusiast  #growmybusiness  #brandgrowth  #ukbusinesswoman  #shemeansbusiness  #selfemployedlife  #womenhelpwomen  #womensupport 


  1. essentialhse

    You are so right. You need to calm before you respond!

  2. amyschutte_

    I am so inspired by you.

  3. medeirosconsulting

    A great topic. Most of the time they just want to be heard. Approach it as a way to improve your service but always take it with a grain of salt.

  4. _effifit_

    How we deal with negative reviews says a lot about us