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If you’re seeing yellow, your eyes aren’t playing tricks! This cake, called Sfouf (صفوف), is native to Lebanon and is NATURALLY colored with TURMERIC! Don’t be turned off just yet! It’s surprisingly and unexpectedly delicious. Slightly nutty (thanks to the semolina), very light, tender and addictively “unsweet” (unlike most Arab desserts! Lol). The slightly crunchy caramelized top is everything! Sfouf are usually topped with almonds or pine nuts, I used the latter. They add a sophisticated nuttiness and even more texture. Bonus, egg free and vegan! . . If you should know anything about turmeric, it’s that it is one of nature’s most powerful medicines. This antioxidant acts as an anti-inflammatory, boosts brain function, lowers the risk of heart disease, boosts skin health, fights aging and the list goes on and on. And here it’s in a CAKE! If that’s not enough to convince you to try it... then more for me! 😉 #RamadanOnMyTable  . . . . . . #sfouf  #cake  #cakes  #dessert  #turmeric  #yum  #antioxidant  #ramadan  #lebanese  #arabicsweets  #curcuma  #fatimashand  #iftar  #suhoor  رمضان #سحور  #لبناني  #sweettooth  #eeeeeats  #realfood  #cakestyle  #lebanesecake  #sfoof  #sfoufcake  #yellow  #healthyfood  #eggfree  #vegan 


  1. dyutima_myfoodlens

    That looks so good!! Love the shape of the cake 💛

  2. starinfinitefood

    I love how turmeric naturally colors food

  3. lana_bakes

    Wow this is so beautiful! The caramelized top sounds incredible too 😍

  4. huongryeats

    This is such a great way to incorporate turmeric! But also lol’d at your comment about how it’s “unsweet” compared to most Arab desserts which means it’s normal standards of sweet 😂

  5. palestiniandelights

    It looks delicious 😋 😍👍🏻

  6. myyummyplace

    It's one of my favorite cakes😍 can I have a piece?😁

  7. littlewildbranchbakery

    Can you share the recipe please Dana? I'd love to make this for after iftar!

  8. tasnimhaleem

    I love the shape of this!

  9. simplegreenrecipes

    Save me some, Dana, please! Looks irrelevant! 😋😋

  10. thesweetandsourbaker

    So interesting!! Totally intrigued by a turmeric cake!

  11. crepesandbows

    Turmeric is one of my favorite spices

  12. easyanddelish

    So the color os bc the tirmeric. Interesting!

  13. pathambrice

    Hmmm, I’d love to try that! 😍😋👌

  14. frommetovuu

    I need to try one of your recipes sometime!! I'm so interested in Arab food now

  15. royas_culinary_journey

    That sounds and looks delicious 😊❤

  16. foodneverythingelse

    This cake looks & sounds so yummy ❤️❤️

  17. nicolas_qn

    Love it!!!!

  18. naana_kitchen

    Wow you made our traditional cake sfouf in a perfect way dana especially in this incredible mould, good job chef👍👍👍👍😁😁

  19. healthy_faroha88

    Amazing I love baking try

  20. bshhiba

    Hei. From where did you buy your baking form/try?

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