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George the standard poodle almost took me out a couple times up (and down) the mountain, Kristina made us run back down, and I spent the rest of the night icing my grandma knee, but it was well worth it. That view from the top is unlike any other 😱 You seriously cannot beat a sunny day in Sitka and hiking is a must whenever we get one on a weekend 😍🌞⛰ . What adventurous, outdoorsy activity did you do this weekend?! . #visitsitka  #alaskalife  #womenwhoexplore  #aggielook 


  1. chelsealeighdamon

    Omg this view is amazing! What a hike!

  2. ginafunaro

    Wow that looks amazing!!

  3. adventuristbackpacks

    Such an amazing view from up there! Wish we could see it in person!

  4. salty_millennial

    HYFR, keep up that adventurous spirit ✊

  5. rhianonsuee

    New preset (with some tweaking for my style/this particular photo) by @travel_inhershoes. Freaking lovingggg her presets!!!

  6. yetilovessasquatch

    The view is definitely beautiful.

  7. rachel_christin


  8. cmaiadventures

    Great job, I really like this image and what a fantastic gallery you’ve got 😍✌️

  9. lifeofkasidit

    Wow such amazing view alaska looks amazing rhianon!


    What a view! Good job girls:)

  11. thecooperjournal

    So fun and beautiful! I can’t help but think of The Proposal every time I hear of Sitka 😆

  12. ockeydockey


  13. yogamaris

    This is an amazing shot!

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