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Everywhere you look in Iceland there’s waterfalls. Some of them are more known than others, but they’re all gorgeous in their own way. Stumbled upon this one on our drive around Snæfellsnes Peninsula #exploreiceland #snaefellsnes #bethexperience #waterfall #svöðufoss


  1. furstonetravels

    Wow thats an amazing photo from Iceland! Hope you are enjoying your time over there. If you like to get some more inspiration from over there, check out my profile @furstonetravels

  2. illuminecollect

    Can’t wait to see them this summer!

  3. yasasch

    Beautiful 🔥 I'm so so impressed with this shot. How did you take it?

  4. ourcrossings

    This looks incredible, fantastic photo🍒🌺👌🏻😍

  5. sherrimatzke


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