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#FORMFRIDAY  Step up your back squat game! Ever wondered how to really do high bar back squats correctly? 😎 Here are my top cues for ya on how to nail the form.👊🏼I want you all to be back squat PROS 😝 It’s a rather complex movement (like deadlifts) - trust me when I tell you that SO many personal trainers and experienced gym goers still do them wrong af. 👀 You gotta practice, practice, practice but the booty, leg + strength gainz you'll make from improving your barbell squat are priceless. 💪🏼 Save this tutorial an re- watch on your next leg day. DO IT. 🙏🏼 . What’s you favourite squat variation?👇🏼


  1. halfletefitness

    Great tips! I love sumo squats with a dumbbell!

  2. nataliacasanovaa

    Back or sumo squats!

  3. shaiannenalder

    Kill em with that form girl!

  4. jessifitpilates

    I love wall squats!

  5. laurencfit

    Back squats!!

  6. hyggeglow

    Squat looks great! My pilates teacher would say to bring your neck and head back into alignment with your spine though. Try looking forward!

  7. _brittanylupton

    This is so awesome and informative! Thank you!!! 💛💛

  8. foodfitntravel

    Great video I love squats

  9. fit_jaim

    Super great cues, girl!

  10. tajacato

    You loook great girl!!! Back squats are my FAV!❤️⭐️

  11. allimki

    This is great! Thanks!

  12. lb_health_fitness

    I love sumo squats!

  13. amandalopezfit

    I love low bar squat with stance slightly wider than shoulders!

  14. dr_lilly_roy

    Nice video! Love tutorials

  15. thebodyeffect

    Such a great video!

  16. _giafitness

    This is awesome and super informative!

  17. emmacbfitness

    More people need to see this! I see so many confused people in the gym and this was so helpful!

  18. tayloringfitness

    I love that you are breaking this down for me!!

  19. ericadimanna

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing 🤗

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