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This is Venice, undoubtedly the most dreamy place in the World! You ask why? Its a city built on water for Christ sakes... People have houses and “boats” ... Boats not cars. Water taxis and water buses Its another world ☀️☀️☀️☀️ It is unfortunate that i was only there for a day. Took an overnight train from Rome to reach Venice at 5 am in the morning. Waited for the washroom at the train station to “open” / become functional for public. After getting freshened up and washing the train journey off me. I walked around the lanes not crowded with tourists for a change ( perks of reaching early). Post having my breakfast the place i went straight to St Mark’s bell tower. It was on the TOP ( see what i did there ;) )of my list. It was originally built as a lighthouse to assist navigation in the lagoon. I was whisked by an elevator to the top of the tower by paying some 18 Euros ( YES 18 big euros !!!!) But the view was worth it. I actually saw the whole of Venice from the top in what 15 minutes 😛‼️ Scroll to the left to see the view for yourself ;)