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nearly 4 years dating. 4 months engaged and 5 months til I get to call her my wife.

well looking forward to what God does through both of us when we join together in Him. 🤙🏻
📷 @stjohnimagery 
#engagementshoot #boxhead #nswnationalparks #sunset #headoverHills18 #bouddinationalpark #portrait #fiancéappreciationpost


  1. _jaslynftk

    not long to go - so excited @_mike.hill! thank you so much @stjohnimagery for our incredible photos :)

  2. sarahsarahmatthews

    Gorgeous photo 😍@_jaslynftk

  3. georgia.breck

    I love this!!!

  4. eriinlea

    So good! 🎉

  5. erinpully

    You guys ❤️❤️

  6. caitlinramrakha

    So beautiful! 💕💕💕