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I am so aggravated by an author attempting to trademark a commonly used word #cocky . This book was published 10 months prior to the #faleenahopkins  first #cockyseries  book. I truly hope this soon becomes a dead topic. I am in favor of margaritas for #cincodemayo  and the excessive buying of books with a cocky title that were not written by @faleenahopkins


  1. lisareadsalot

    Lmao! Who trademarks a word when it’s published in Webster’s Dictionary? This person didn’t discover a planet.

  2. lisareadsalot

    All that sounds ridiculous. Everyone knows cocky. It’s a common word. “He’s so cocky.” Who says one day, that word is mine? Smdh.

  3. missheather17

    Did she delete her Instagram?

  4. readingover50

    #boycottfaleenahopkins  you can’t trademark a commenly used word

  5. carladorothy

    I have never been tempted to read Faleena Hopkins books and I will not ever give her a chance now. I don’t care if there are not any books left to be read. I will reread another authors first!!!

  6. thecoffeeholicbookworm

    That's the only cocky-titled book I have ever loved and read. I love Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward... Never ever heard of FaleenaH before and not even tempted to read any of her series, especially after all her ridiculous cocker BS. Just sayin...

  7. blackilocks

    She’s completely delusional.

  8. ladydeco

    Have you read the letter that author Cassie Sharp wrote on her blog to Faleena Hopkins? It’s great

  9. authortarajenkinsoncignarella

    No i will have to check it out. @ladydeco

  10. mindful.melodie

    Because of all this drama, I just bought as many cocky books (that weren't hers) and read them. Just finished cocky bastard. Great book!!!