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  1. paslimery

    Hi your acc is so cool, I would love if you could check my acc and maybe give it a follow (sorry for self promo)💗‼️

  2. bubbles.bae


  3. fairylittleslimes

    Hi! I love your account sm! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see your account grow. Now I’m trying to hit 4k and would love the help but if not that’s totally fine and I understand. Tysm for reading all this 😂 Have an amazing day/night! ❤️😊

  4. gnk_slimes

    Hey! Love your account sooo much. Mind following me it would mean so much

  5. satisfybunni

    Fff? Love your account ❤️

  6. derpdarla

    Why does everyone in the comments care so much about followers does it really mean anything its just numbers