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This, my friends, is the @hellotushy ! It's a install-it-yourself bidet and it is the newest addition to my zerowaste efforts. Up until now I've had lots of questions about toilet paper. Do I use toilet paper?!? And the answer is yes, yes I do. But now I can drastically reduce my usage and my husband can basically eliminate his. The tushy attaches to your toilet and then gives you a nice little spray of water to clean your bum. You just pat dry and you're squeaky clean. I can honestly say that I don't want to go back and we're planning to order a second one for our other toilet. Even though it is an expense up front I know we'll ultimately make up for it in the amount of money we save on toilet paper. Anyone else out there have a bidet? #NOTanad  #zerowastewin  #zerowaste  #hellotushy  #tushy  #cleanbum  #lesswaste  #ditchthepaper  #goingzerowaste  #zerowastelifestyle  #zerowastebathroom  #zerowastehome 


  1. suzandzeal

    Lol great name

  2. mo_seas_

    Have you heard or bathroom cloths? Essentially you just craft nice little wipes from nice/old hankies/flannels and just wipe for number ones and toss in a wash basket. I haven’t gotten to that level yet but that’s like expert level haha.

  3. litterlessliving

    I want to get one!!! The plumbing in my rental is too old 😭😭😭

  4. eyeamsouinlove

    No! But I really, really want one. 😭 I asked my fiancé if we could set one up in our apartment, but he said the way our set up is, it wouldn’t work. We’re searching for a place to move, so this will surely be a selling point that we can easily install this wonderful invention. 💕

  5. lesswasted

    Yes!! Been wanting to get one of these for a while. Can’t wait to hear how it’s working out!

  6. iwinsten

    I was thinking you need a You Tube channel. But I’m not sure about this one.

  7. bamboxproduce


  8. sako_sakoourfalian

    I am also trying to live a zero waist lifestyle and I never realized that installing a bidet can help so not use any toilet paper

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