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Sanderling about to enjoy the tiny morsel it plucked from a shell. I'm really looking forward to shorebird season! Being in the sand and watching these birds move about on the beach is one of my favorite things. 👈Swipe left for tag info. . . . . #sanderling  #shorebird  #nanpapix  #naturephotoportal  #best_bird_shots  #your_best_birds  #bd_pro  #bird_brilliance  #1natureshot  #birds_perfection  #birdfreaks  #audubonsociety  #bbcearth  #planetbirds  #naturyst  #birds_captures  #bb_of_ig  #top_macro  #birds_private  #nature_worldwide_birds  #birds_adored  #eye_spy_birds  #kings_birds  #ip_birds  #nuts_about_birds 


  1. insectguru

    Great shot 📷💚

  2. scoobuhhsteve

    Super cool! Hope you get a lot awesome shots this year! 🙂🤞🏼

  3. screaminggrizzly

    Gorgeous soft-tones capture, beautiful use of shallow dof too.

  4. fmms5053

    Muy hermoso!

  5. its_audreys_diary

    Beautiful image dear ☺😊😊😀😃😍😍👍👍congratulations too 😊😀👏👏👏

  6. shoretoyota

    Birds are the coolest! And the ones down at the shore really are something else

  7. weikert_dreaming

    Jewelry bird!

  8. _thomaswerner

    Well done!

  9. colin_goulding

    Super shot Wading birds are my favourite species Could watch them all day long

  10. kevin.murray271

    Brilliant image.

  11. kenbuxton

    When it comes to the melding of bird knowledge and photography you’re the best. Congratulations.


    Love that perspective!

  13. rudy_whistlingtrails

    beautiful image


    Lovely ……❣️😆👏👏👏

  15. oswaldo.cortes.ecology

    I love your work. Stunning and great shoot

  16. rainwetzelphotography

    Beautiful photo, I also love that you included the tag info it’s very interesting

  17. shhhhclick

    Oh I love them too! Adorable little busy things! Beautiful shot!

  18. submergedphotography

    Nice one and I hope you get more great shots this season

  19. dorian_anderson_photography

    So sweet! Did you report this bird to the banding agency? They’d love to hear about this sighting. And they’ll send you a fancy certificate!

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