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Tongue is out because it’s #tongueouttuesday (duh)... But also because there’s a hottie over there! Haaay! #heyhottie #imoverhere #singleandreadytomingle #callme #bowwowwow #tot #dogdays #owgdogdays #oldwestburygardens #longisland #longislanddogs #dogsoflongisland #dogsandpals #dogloversclub #dogsbeingbasic #buzzfeedanimals #naturedog #springtimefun #galaxys9plus #samsungphotography


  1. rexy_ween

    You look so beyond happy!!! Love it..

  2. harper_goldendoodle1

    Loving this beautiful picture!😀

  3. quinn_doodle

    You look so cute as always ❤️

  4. my_tres_amigos

    Did you get her attention ?

  5. charlesbarkleydood

    Looking the part!!👅

  6. nachoandfriends

    Yea! Happy tot cutie pie

  7. jenhuskyfamily

    Happy late tot friend 😗

  8. cockapoomarley

    You must have good eyesight to see me all the way from the other side of the pond! 😂😂

  9. kingsturge

    Ooooh let’s see the hottie

  10. freddygoestohollywood

    Hehe, happy tot cutie! Hope you got to chat to the hottie!

  11. jazz_the_cavoodle

    How did you get on? 🙊

  12. tommi_tutus

    I think you must be talking about me!

  13. siberianmischief

    Great TOT shot!!!

  14. joyful_jax

    Happy tot cutie!! Hope you had a great day!

  15. sullydoodleandsampson

    Don’t just stand there go get that hottie

  16. lily_the_masked_frenchie

    You should definitely go say hi!

  17. bellalucia1026

    Oooh you better go snatch that hottie up!

  18. otis_unleashed

    Hahah nobody will be able to resist you

  19. sushisaid

    Hahha such a smooth operator!

  20. poppy_simba_winnie_phoebe

    Looking great my friend ❤️

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