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Okay, I’ll sit nice for one picture... But you better hurry! There’s a lot of dog tushies I need to sniff! #owgdogdays #oldwestburygardens #dogdays #dogsoflongisland #longislanddogs #springishere #whatagorgeousday #somanydogs #thisisheaven #goldendoodle #thedoodlegang #goldendoodlesofinstagram #goldendoodleselfie #doodlesofinstagram #doodletales #buzzfeedanimals


  1. airliedoodle

    Pretty pup!

  2. heisenaussie

    Hahaha lots of self control

  3. dakota_theridgeback

    Too cute! Didn’t see you there! Maybe next time!!

  4. amazinggraciedoodle

    Butt sniffing is my fav.

  5. otis_unleashed

    Well good thing you nailed that picture!

  6. 2husketeers

    You are so patient

  7. harper_goldendoodle1

    I feel your pain everyday 😂

  8. itsmisterbarclay

    They always take too long!

  9. minihuskyy

    Hehe you sat so nicely!! I’m impressed!

  10. mypaperheartcompany

    He is gorgeous!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. montydoodledoo

    The wait must have been worth it

  12. thenorthernpack

    Well better choose your priorities 😉😂

  13. cockapoomarley

    Sniffin butts is the best 😂


    Love all the fluffy tushies! 😂

  15. kingsturge

    It’s never just 1 pic tho is it

  16. tommi_tutus

    I hate it when the camera comes out 🙈

  17. rustydood

    Woooof! Looking extra gorgeous in this pic, sweet Sophie!

  18. poppy_simba_winnie_phoebe

    That smile melts our hearts 😍❤️

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