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The post about my lovely seersucker vintage shirt is over on the @sewhayleyjane blog now! Head on over to read about me gushing over this month’s box (featuring an exclusively pin colourway from @pinkcoatclub!)_____________________________________________ #handmadewardrobe #handmadeclothing #vintagesewing #pinkcoatclub #sewhayleyjanemakes #sewhayleyjane


  1. jojobrookeflattery

    Oh my... This is sooo pretty! I need one in lemon immediately 🤣

  2. tracy_ruppert

    Nice shirt and a lovely picture of you x

  3. maeme_and_momo

    That's beautiful Harriet. Really suits you. You look great by the way.

  4. pinkcoatclub

    Just read it now - absolutely LOVE this blouse on you! So chic and pretty and I’m so pleased you loved the pin ☺️☺️

  5. cindy_j_andrews

    Just beautiful

  6. margaret.lane

    LOVE this shirt!

  7. little_autumns_crochets

    Did you make a video too? Hope all is well.

  8. leafyarns

    The blouse looks wonderful on you

  9. petitepassions

    Love this blouse, just perfect.

  10. littleknitter

    That is so gorgeous

  11. jan_antoniayork

    That is a really nice shirt and looks great on you. I'll check out your video.

  12. notes_from_the_sewing_room

    Love this top it really suits you ☺

  13. opiangeneve

    Love this shirt!

  14. deurmekaar_

    Such a lovely photo of you

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