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🤤 I cannot even BEGIN to express the amount of GOODNESS that lives within this tube of protein!!! 🤯PEOPLE!!!! There are REAL pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in this protein!!!!! Swipe left for my reaction and STRAIGHT to the point ingredients!!!! You WON’T regret this purchase!!!! On sale at our location!!! Talk about a guilt free treat!!!!!!😋💪🏼👌🏻#anytimefitnessblacksburg  #corenutrionals  #crushit  #mericalabz  @coreanimal @corenutritionals #patriotswhey  #gains  #anytimefitness  #goals  #whey 


  1. mrsmeatythighs

    It is addicting!

  2. lift4life23

    I seriously told Cody last weekend I bought this 2 weeks ago in Richmond 😂

  3. coreanimal

    Ester, you need to learn how to bro punch the seal on a new tub of were way too delicate opening that

  4. bfry.xo

    Look at those guns! 💪🏻😍