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. Qing Dynasty Shiwan Pottery . Chinese late Qing (late 19th century) green glazed Shiwan pottery hexagonal form teapot with a pouring spout, small lid, and carrying handle. . Guangxu, China . Measures about 8 3/4"H (to top of handle) x 7 1/2" diameter. . An illustration of a similar teapot can be found on page 51, plate 12 of "Shiwan Ceramics: Beauty, Color, and Passion" by Fredrikke S. Scollard and Terese Tse Bartholomew, Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco exhibition catalogue, 1994. . According to the authors, these teapots were commonly used in Chinese villages. . This piece is from an old Tucson, Arizona estate. . Petrie-Rogers Gallery . #antiquechineseceramics  #antiquechineseporcelain  #antiquechinesepottery  #asiandecor  #chineseantique  #chineseantiques  #lateqing  #lateqingdynasty  #photooftheday  #qingpottery  #shiwanceramics  #shiwanpottery  #trulyasian  .


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