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The first @fieldtovasedinnertour event of the season on a gorgeous day here in Rainbow.🌈💐 #f2v #americangrown #protea #Fallbrook 📷: Carrie McCluskey


  1. jstutz

    Including the tour, swag, and especially the location, it was an over the top event! Once in a lifetime if you are Proteacea lovers. Thank you Diane, Mel, Kasey, Andrea 💜 and all the staff that helped.

  2. rubyred9

    When is your next event?

  3. fieldtoheart


  4. escapade_26


  5. nancyboydaifd

    I would love to do this one day! 😊

  6. stephabaxter

    Mountain top experience for sure!

  7. janekepley

    Great pic!👍

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