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A new batch to play with!🌸🌷🌼 #protea #harvest #tuesdayvibes


  1. solysombrafarm

    Gorgeous!! 💚💚

  2. susana_finch


  3. hartflowers

    The “Field to Vase” dinner was so much fun and the setting spectacular!! I now have such a profound appreciation of where the Resendiz Proteas come from......those hills are steep!!! Thank You for a fabulous event!🙋🏻❤️🌷

  4. californiaflowermall

    Wow🏵🌷🌻 just totally wow🤩

  5. raf.gardener


  6. hopes_and_blooms

    Wow... what a stunning photo!! Such beautiful blooms! 🌸

  7. debmoxam


  8. liveweddingartist

    #obsessed  ps. I love Fallbrook

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