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Round one: Kylo Ren Praetorian Guards vs Count Dooku General Grievous - Forces: Kylo Ren has a squad of first order storm troopers commanded by Captain Phasma - Dooku has a battalion of battle droids consisting of 10 b1s, 5 super battledroids, 3 commando droids, and 2 droidekas plus two magma guards with grievous they are all commanded by Jango Fett - Location: Bespin - Debate Below


  1. husbiala_11

    Dooku and Grievous will cut Ren and his men(see what I did there😉😆) in half. Literally

  2. the_bith_sith

    Dooku and Grevious easily. Grevious could kill all the guards alone and Dooku could kill kylo. While I think the soldiers would be in favor for kylo, Dooku and Grevious would save their forces after killing the main enemies

  3. colbychambers25

    Praetorian guards are good but grevious and the magma guards could easily take them if kylo and Rey did. Dooku would put kylo is his place by electrocuting him and the droids would kill the first order squad especially with jango leading phasma was terrible