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-Old vs New 5.Worldscreen & Starship- . Ghost World 3D 2 have 33 Levels, divided into 8 different Worlds. Before every new World a 'Worldscreen' apears(with Graphics & Text). Like for example this for the 5.World 'Starship Woxplorer' (for the Levels in & on this 'Starship', but here without Text). (Woxplorer is my shortcut for 'WOrld eXPLORER'. Because People like to explore new things. And because with Starships it's possible to explore new Planets & thus even Worlds.) . Old Worldscreen (right Picture): I don't had knew, how to made with Photoshop 6/7 a jetstream/Rocket Boost for a Starship - But i tried it. It don't look realy good. . New Worldscreen (left Picture): For the future Version of this Game i used a Graphic/Texture, instead to made the jetstream/Rocket Boost self. I gave the Starship another Graphic, and changed it with Photoshop CS2. The Image have some more Stars, too. . . You can see the 1.World-Screen (for the Levels on the Planet Earth) in my older Post '-Old vs New Worldscreen & Gamestory-' (The Post with the blue Text on Paper, Post from 06 September 2017). . My next Post show the Level on the Starship Woxplorer. The Wall-Texture there is the same white Texture like the Starship-Texture, and the Skybox is made from me. . Attention: You are not allowed to use or distribute this (or other Graphics from 3dGameCoder). It's forbidden. . -Copyright- Star-Sky, Exo-Planet, Starship-Texture & Jet Stream: 3dGameCoder, & 2 Others. . . Im rechten Bild ist der alte 5. Weltbildschirm, und im linken Bild der neue 5.Weltbildschirm (Welt 5, Raumschiff Woxplorer). Incl. besser aussehenden Raumschiff & Antriebsstrahl, und etwas mehr Sternen. Er wird zukünftig in meinem selbstgemachten PC-Spiel Ghost World 3D 2 enthalten sein (Stand: 03.04.2017). . #change  #oldvsnew  #newvsold  #beforevsafter  #Worldscreen  #starship  #woxplorer  #textureexchange  #graphicexchange  #gamegraphics  #jetstream  #RocketBoost  #stars  #exoplanet  #gamedesign  #screendesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #ghostworld3d2  . #vorhernachher  #weltbildschirmaustausch  #Raumschiff  #Düsenstrahl  #sterne  #weltbildschirm  #grafiken