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What to do when your client’s client doesn’t heed your advice to paint their living room a not-yellow? Slap a big ‘ol Target painting on the wall and try and distract with sexy furniture. Done. •
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  1. our.home.on.a.hill

    Agreed! The styling and art embrace the yellow without highlighting it too much. It’s highlighting itself enough 😆 but I actually really love the whole room!

  2. prettypennystyling

    Oh I love your room! This always drives me nuts when they ask for real advice and I give it to them - then don't take it! But everything else helps distract!

  3. kimofthegardens

    Lol I hate yellow paint too. Yuck. That painting looks good with it though!

  4. nicolewear

    Been there 🤪 But it looks fabulous just the same! 💛💛💛

  5. jess.376

    Gorgeous ❤️💗😍

  6. ambam_

    Well it worked. So distracted I didn’t see yellow til I read the caption. 👍🏼

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