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About to head to @theclothpocket to start my weekend festivities with @austinmqg. Teaching my #moonstonequilt this weekend so thought this would be a great time to show you all my new needle minder! I partnered with my friend @jessee_artschooldropout to make these babies and I’m super pleased with how they turned out. More info to come! 
#needleandthread #needleminder #sew #sewing #quilt #quilting #notions #giucygiuce


  1. alfamare

    I need this.

  2. quiltscornerstone

    How neat are these x

  3. lil_cath23

    Looks like someone I know 🤔 is it magnetic? How does it work or is it just for looks? Uber Cool.

  4. ylvie1976

    Adorable 😍

  5. pibbles_and_patchwork

    I need these! Needles protected by beard 😂👐

  6. valeriemacgregor

    @beardycheil - you need this!

  7. upstairshobbyroom

    Oh , that is fantastic!! So perfect to represent you!!

  8. hapytrls

    @jenncooksit want to check out @theclothpocket when we visit you😉

  9. orchidowlquilts


  10. osu_buckeyes_fan

    Sew awesome!!

  11. churridge

    @rachelceejay - get me one when you’re in the States! Please!!

  12. 2louises

    :) would love one - or two - or three!

  13. eaglesdeborah

    Great pin guy!!!

  14. livejoyfullynow


  15. cicicreativeco

    I am soooooooo sad I missed this weekend 😖

  16. chloeleecreative

    Adorable!! 🌈❤️

  17. alex.totman

    Holy shit is this your business card?! 😱

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