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from @iamrobdiesel -  Can you spot the 3 missing pieces to this upper? (PEQ & Vert Grip not included)
#M4A1 #SOPMOD #Block2 #BlockII #RISII #FDE #DamnDaniel #EOTech #Colt #SOCOM #KAC #Taupe  #CloneWars #M4Monday #M4A1Carbine #MK18Monday #WheresWaldo #ServiceRifleClones
@m4rifles  @service_rifle_clones - #regrann


  1. nibou855

    Barrel Nut, FH, Gas Block

  2. txtactical

    Fh, barrel nut, gas block

  3. pewpew.eros

    Original barrel 😏

  4. dap1776

    Gas block and hand guard screws

  5. dvazquez2

    Gas block, muzzle device, barrel nut

  6. thoroughbred_armament

    Have some mk12 dd gas blocks in stock and cqd!

  7. the_ultimatehunter

    Muzzle device and gas block

  8. ts_5158

    4 things 🤗 Barrel Nut, Gas Block, Flash Hider, AND CQD FSM @iamrobdiesel @service_rifle_clones

  9. patrick.mcclure10

    Barrel nut, gas block, suppressor mount and shims also I don’t see a torque wrench anywhere 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. somewhat.tactical

    Barrel nuttttt

  11. make_with_the_head

    Surefire 4 prong, Barrel Nut, Gas block

  12. danielgermaine17

    Gas block barrel nut and idk the last one

  13. fuldamonster

    My credit card, so I can own one of those.

  14. the_pewpew_otter

    Gas block, cruswaher and SF brake

  15. daleyjimmy


  16. daleyjimmy

    Flash hider gas block supressor?

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