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SDCC Cedar Wood is hauntingly beautiful 😍 Side note: I'll be using different tags in this picture because I've been shadowbanned by Instagram 😒
#monsterhigh #mh #monsterhighdoll #mhdoll #barbie #mattel #sdcc #cedarwood #cedar


  1. everaftermonsterdolls

    She is so beautiful 😍😍

  2. thedolljunkie

    Instagram is so terrible now 😥

  3. thadollylama

    What does shadowbanned mean?

  4. end.of.the.raynbow


  5. royallyrebelliousdolls

    What does shadowbanned mean?

  6. aggressive_barbie

    To all those who are wondering, being shadowbanned means your photo won't show in a hashtag due to overuse of that specific hashtag

  7. the_ugly_duckling_05

    That is stupid af 😑😒

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