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fire, ice, water and mist. a peaceful moment at the side of Carron Valley Reservoir. The Reservoir is full with snow melt so some of the trees and shrubs are further under water than usual. Although the water is melting, there are still large stretches of ice. The early evening sun lit up the cloudy sky and the water but was partially obscured by cold mist rolling in. a view changing moment by moment #mist  #mistyday  #mistyscene  #clouds  #settingsun  #endoftheday  #stillwinter  #fireinthesky  #ice  #reservoir  #carronvalleyreservoir  #snowscene  #hills  #lowhills  #bythewater  #nature  #standandstare  #rural  #localarea  #nearstirling  #beautifulscotland  #visitscotland  #ilovescotland 


  1. trailing_behind

    I love this scene, it’s quite peaceful

  2. msbird_123

    If I was judging a professional photo contest you would be the absolute winner. Seriously, these are so beautiful Dot, you should seriously consider getting prints of these, framed and set up in your house or given as gifts. They are so striking and feels good right now in the middle of the night here with 50 mph winds blowing for several hours now. I am very serious, however, about getting prints of these made. Once you would see them on your wall in a grouping, your going to be amazed.

  3. lynne_stevenson

    Nice work!

  4. bender_carol’ve got some serious photo talent! You will have to let me know where this lovely, peaceful place is.

  5. johnisland1

    Excellent Dot! 👏🙏👏

  6. c.j.petty

    Gorgeous pics 😊 😊

  7. penninegilly

    Oh, rather beautiful....

  8. q3dotzero

    Look at my new pics:D!!!

  9. arcticfoxofficial

    Beautiful views 🙏🏼🏔