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And off we go into the weekend... Happy Friday🌞🌷#fridayfeeling #flowers #protea


  1. maharja50

    Beautiful 😘🌹🌹🌷🌷❤️❤️🌺

  2. natureshots_2018


  3. sarariazkhan

    Lovely, so peaceful

  4. sweetbriarflowershop

    Gorgeous and that sun ☀️

  5. mk.wilfred1000

    How are you

  6. janicehayneswood

    Fantastic photo 💕🌼🌿🌷

  7. bufco

    Ah to be in California. We are zone 6. Still icy air.

  8. bufco

    And frozen soil.

  9. wiggle_wendy

    Stunningly beautiful shot 📷

  10. yeopimflowers

    Thanks for sharing these awesome photos - I have so wanted to see these babies grow...they are beautiful!

  11. studiomagmas

    Wow, its name is protea?

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