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So what’s so amazing about sound sleep 💤 cocoon? This is no ordinary night time moisturiser, it is a truly advanced formula that accelerates the nighttime repair process of the skin. Between 9-11pm your skin’s barrier drops as it switches from protect to repair mode - this means that it’s the optimum time to apply your Sound Sleep Cocoon. Sound sleep cocoon contains Kakadu plum that is 1,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, Vitamin C is vital for collagen production, will brighten the skin and help with hyper-pigmentation, Wa Zhu Hu gives luminosity, Taramind will hydrate and Micro encapsulated lavender will help to promote sleep, the motion activated technology will keep on releasing lavender through the night. Did you know 45% of people suffer with poor or lack of sleep which over time prematurely ages the skin and impacts all other skin conditions. So with all of these key benefits this is literally a “transformative “ gel cream night time moisturiser that will hydrate, brighten, revitalise and repair the skin, ensuring you wake with a healthy glowing skin .... don’t forget to combine sound sleep cocoon with our sound sleep cocoon app for the best nights sleep ...the results .... better skin , better sleep...a night time moisturiser for everyone!#£72.50#march  #freegift  #20minutes #indianheadmassage  or#reflexology  #FREE 


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